Our Interim Supply, Pastor Don Mason will continue the series of Ephesians as he preaches on “The Mystery of the Church; God’s Meta-Narrative”.   Click here for the series.

Hear about the core values and mission of River City Church as we look towards the future of our church.   Click here for the series.

 During the summer of 2018, we will be going through Nehemiah. And although it may be tempting to see the book of Nehemiah as simply an old story teaching timeless leadership principles, the book is actually the captivating story of how God’s ancient people rebuilt their community so that the Coming King would one day bring salvation to the ends of the earth. And that is what we must learn: how to build for the Coming King. Click here for the series.
We’re kicking off 2018 with a new series on the 10 Commandments. Although we may feel like these laws are old-fashioned, but as we will see, our problem with the 10 Commandments is often not that they are obsolete, but they speak so profoundly into our everyday lives. As we study them, we learn how in Christ we are accepted before God and in Christ empowered to obey them. Click here to access the sermons.
As we gear up for 2018, we need to consider how we as followers of Christ need to make decisions. Do we trust in ourselves and our wisdom, or is there a better way? As we study Mark chapter 1, we learn that we cannot simply get bogged down in the short view, but we must always keep the long view in mind. Click here to find out what the long view is, and how we keep our eyes focused on it.
This Advent season, we will studying 4 Old Testament passages to see how the Old Testament points us to Jesus Christ. Although we may be familiar with the Bible, we often struggle seeing how the seemingly strange stories in the Old Testament have anything to do with Jesus’ mission. This series will show us how the whole Bible is focused on the coming of Jesus and His kingdom. Click here to access the series.
For November, we are diving into the great Old Testament story, Ruth. This is beautiful story of how Ruth was redeemed by the LORD, and how He showed grace to Ruth and her family. Click here to access the sermon series.
As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we will spend the 5 Sundays in October studying the “Five Solas.” These are the great five “only’s” of the Reformation: God’s Word Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Christ Alone, and God’s Glory Alone.
Our Fall Sermon Series covers 6 great questions that God asked people in the Bible. As we dive into each of these stories, our understanding and appreciation for God’s grace will grow as the hear the voice of God asking us the hard questions. This series begins August 20th and concludes September 24th.

Our summer sermon series took us through the book of Psalms, often simply called the “Psalter.” The Psalms serve as the worship guide of the Bible, and its profound wisdom and comfort meets us where we are and points us to the grace of a God who has a vision for all the nations.
Our Spring 2017 sermon series looked at the early church and how it was a Compelling Community. The series began on March 5th and will run April. Click on the image to access the sermons.
What is God’s vision for our church? What does He want to see River City Church commit to, and what practical advice can we glean from Paul’s letter to Titus, a young pastor overseeing the church on the island of Crete. Click here to access the series.