Facility Info & Building Reservations


Our facility enjoys a sanctuary built in 2011 with a 220-seat capacity. We also have a large multi-purpose room with a stage and basketball hoops, a choir room, and multiple classrooms. Our parking lot has 150 spaces.

The programs and ministries of the church are the primary focus of our facility usage and it is common for activities to be in progress seven days a week. As time and space permit, weddings, receptions, homeschool productions, conferences, and various meetings are held in our building. As we are non-profit, no fundraising events or sales are permitted.

If you have further questions or wish to inquire about the availability of a room for your event, please contact our church office to learn more about scheduling an event, by calling 386-668-4495 or email at contact@rivercitychurchepc.com.  You may be required to sign an Indemnity Agreement and/or provide a Certificate of Insurance.